Human bones found in Colne graveyard

A FAMILY made a horrific discovery when they found human bones lying in a graveyard.

A FAMILY made a horrific �discovery of human bones in a graveyard.

Dan Sly and his children were �strolling through the old churchyard in Old Church Lane, Colne, when their pet dog barked at the bones, seemingly unearthed by �rabbits.

Mr Sly, of St Ives, said the area appeared neglected, poorly kept and marked by animal diggings.

He said: “If you picked around, you would probably find more bones.”

Mr Sly called the discovery “very �gruesome and disrespectful”.

He said: “The ground has been regularly disturbed by rabbits and other animals and does not seem very well maintained.

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“There were rabbit warrens all over the place and it seems they have dug up bones from the graves.

“I wouldn’t like to take the children up there again because you never know what you are going to find.”

Colne Parish Council clerk Tony Akers said the graveyard was not the council’s responsibility.

He said: “It has been a problem for a long time. The rabbits have been there for ages and it appears they have been very active again.”