Tony Harmer stayed up all night to paint this image on his garage door.

Tony Harmer from St Neots has painted his garage                                       PICTURE: Sharon HarmerTony Harmer from St Neots has painted his garage PICTURE: Sharon Harmer

A man from Eaton Socon painted a cartoon image of The Hulk on his garage door to show his appreciation for the NHS.

He painted a picture of the cartoon character of the Incredible Hulk and the words, NHS Hulk will smash Coronavirus, You Stay Home, Stay Safe, Boom.

His wife Sharon Harmer shared the picture on Facebook, with the caption: “When your husband asks if he can paint the garage during lockdown. Then stays up all night, I woke up to this.”

Tony said: “I just wanted to give people something to smile about, he also said it is a tricky time, in the way we are living, it is not something we are used to.”

In an interview with Ste Greenall on Black Cat Radio, he added: “Sharon would never let me paint any part of the outside of the house, I’ve asked and I’ve asked and I’ve asked, mostly joking that I want to paint a big batman.

“So I asked can I paint the garage door and she said it was okay.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you are with people or not with people, you can still feel distance from everything.

“We’ve got a whole group of people out there, just an enormous army of people out there, who are facing this full on.

“People just need something to smile about and there are people working in the service who are very tired, who would like people to show that they are routing for them as well.”