The coronavirus outbreak has caused life to change beyond recognition and all of us now live by guidelines which would have seemed alien 12 months ago - but how well do you really know the lockdown rules?

Since early March the government has introduced more and more rules in a bid to limit the spread of coronavirus and to help keep the population healthy.

Advice started with regular, thorough hand washing and no longer shaking hands, soon avoiding large gatherings was the norm and then came the clear advice to stay at home to save lives.

But as the country has emerged from lockdown, more and more rules, which change with different settings and scenarios, have been introduced.

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While some of the instructions are very clear, others have caused confusion with people interpreting the advice differently.

In a bid to understand how well people know the lockdown laws, we tested the knowledge of people out and about in Norwich.

Take our quiz to see how well you know the rules.