Huntingdonshire Business Awards: “Definitely enter” says winner of last year’s Judges’ Award

John Bridge from Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce giving an award to Butcher Bailey Architects Lt

John Bridge from Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce giving an award to Butcher Bailey Architects Ltd PICTURE: Archant - Credit: Archant

Last year’s winner of the ‘Judges award’ was Butcher Bailey Architects Ltd.

This week we look at the Judges’ Award which is sponsored by the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

This award is not directly entered or necessarily a category winner, but is chosen from the finalists.

It was set up to recognise an individual or company that the judges feel has shown great potential for 2019/20 and is “one to watch”.

Last year’s winner of the Judges’ award was Butcher Bailey Architects Ltd, who say they feel they have excelled further since winning the award.

A spokesman for Butcher Bailey Architects Ltd said: “Winning this award was a big one, of course. Outside of that, the growing profile that we’ve experienced is the biggest success. There are lots of project bits that we can’t talk about unfortunately, but we’re excited about some announcements in the future.

“We have seen ourselves pick up some bigger jobs in new and exciting sectors, where the scale and complexity is increasing, which is really positive.

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“Alongside, this we are in the final stages of our new studio and are increasing staffing levels by 50 per cent. So it has been a good six months for us.”

The company says it faces challenges this year, adding: “For us, it’s been finding the right talent. We’re a local architecture practice and it’s quite hard to get architects out of London and Cambridge – where the more sizeable national practices are.

“Alongside this, there just aren’t enough architects to fill the roles when people are hiring – and within the industry the hiring months generally stay as standard – so there’s lots of jobs at once and not enough people.”

The Hunts Post asked Butcher Bailey Architects what its plans were for 2020 and beyond and they said: “As mentioned, we have a new studio opening later this spring which we’re very excited about.

“We’re looking forward to being able to announce some major new projects that are at the early stages of development – and beyond that we have some interesting and unique projects due for completion.”

Asked about encouraging people to enter the Business Awards, they said: “Winning the award was a great surprise and we were thrilled to have been chosen. To any businesses our there considering it, we’d say definitely enter. It’s great for businesses to recognise their success and for us it’s been a nice stepping stone as the company has grown.”

Entry deadline for the 2020 awards is September 2, 2020 at 5pm. All entries can be made through the awards website at:

This year’s event is taking place on Friday, November 6 at the Burgess Hall, in St Ives. For more information visit:


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