Horse rescued after falling in river while on hunt in Great Staughton

Firefighters during the rescue mission.

Firefighters during the rescue mission. - Credit: Archant

Specially trained firefighters rescued a horse which became trapped after falling in a river while on a hunt in Great Staughton.

A crew from St Neots and a crew and rescue vehicle from Huntingdon were called to Kimbolton Road at 12.51pm on Saturday (January 10).

In-water teams and animal rescue specialists hoisted the horse from the river by 2.12pm, and it is believed that it is alive and well.

No other horses or riders were trapped, and crews returned to their stations by 3.20pm.

Group commander Callum Faint said: “This incident was at least a mile from any main road and it is thanks to the public involved that we were able to get our animal rescue equipment to the trapped horse. The riders and others involved provided us with quad bikes and clear directions to navigate the terrain, which undoubtedly meant we were able to get to the horse as quickly as possible.

“The horse was very cold and exhausted but thanks to the quick and efficient work by our specially trained crews we were able to get the animal out safely.

“If animal owners ever find themselves in situations like these, we would urge them to call the emergency services as soon as possible to give their animal the best chance of survival. We have specially trained animal rescue teams and equipment, so please, do not attempt a dangerous rescue yourself - instead, call the fire service.”