Watch mum’s video as flood water pours through her back door just a week after she moved into her new home

Flooding in Sasha Kendrick's house PICTU

Flooding in Sasha Kendrick's house PICTURE: Sasha Kendrick - Credit: Sasha Kendrick

An Eaton Socon woman - who had only been living in her property for a week - could only stand by and watch as gallons of rainwater poured through her house on Sunday afternoon (August 16).

Flooding in Sasha Kendrick's House PICTURE: Sa

Flooding in Sasha Kendrick's House PICTURE: Sasha Kendrick - Credit: Sasha Kendrick

Sasha Kendrick and her family were forced to flee as water engulfed the downstairs of the house in Viceroy Close and were housed in temporary accommodation.

She said: “The door seal had gone on the bottom of our door and the water came straight through, reaching all of the bottom of the house. It had not hit the main appliances in the kitchen thankfully, but it demolished the whole of the rest of downstairs.

“The living room wall has to be replaced and the skirting boards, we have also lost all of our flooring downstairs.

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Sasha says she rang the fire service who were unable to attend as they were inundated with calls so she contacted her brother-in-law.

“So my brother in law brought round salt in bags and we managed to barricade it in, so if it did flood again, we had half protected the house.”

Due to the amount of water that was in Sasha’s house, it runs the risk of damp, mould and condensation.

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“I have a dehumidifier on in the house and the surveyors are coming back out again, to see if we need it even longer.

“We ripped the carpet up, as it had acted like a sponge. The reason why we have to get the flooring replaced, is because my daughter is registered as disabled so we have to make sure that we get the flooring down, as soon as possible. We are worried that it might happen again and we really don’t want to spend all that money on carpet as it will be a waste,” she explained.

Sasha shares her heartache that she had only moved in a week before and that they were due to celebrate her daughter’s second birthday with a meal on Sunday night.

Sasha said: “We are now out of temporary accommodation and back home. My daughter has a weak immune system, so I am praying that she doesn’t become poorly as we have come home so early.”