Sawtry homes plan is approved

Huntingdonshire District Council's Pathfinder House

Huntingdonshire District Council's Pathfinder House - Credit: Archant

A bid to build up to 340 new homes in Sawtry has been given the go-ahead after an earlier bid to develop the site was rejected.

Planners at Huntingdonshire District Council have given outline permission for the scheme, near Glatton Road, which includes a play area and land earmarked for a primary school.

But Sawtry Parish Council has maintained a long-running objection to the development by Larkfleet Homes.

In its objection it raised concerns about access to the site and its effect on the busy road which passes the area.

It said the number of proposed homes would add "stress" to the community's existing facilities and would have an adverse effect on the environment.

The parish had also called for an up to date traffic survey to be carried out following a large amount of growth in the village.

The district council received 35 comments on the proposed development 30 of which opposed it, with two in favour of the scheme.

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But planners said the school site was an important factor in the plan, despite potential harm from the homes.

A report said: "The key material consideration is that the proposal makes provision for a new school within the site, which, given that it would be transferred to the county council quickly following any approval, would appear to be capable of being delivered early.

"This is the preferred option, and is the only option available to the county council that provides both a reasonable level of ‘future proofing’ and does not impact the other schools in Sawtry in a manner that may limit their ability to provide placements in both the short and long term."

They said  the need to create a new school should be afforded "great weight".

The developer's application said: "It is appreciated that the proposed development does not wholly accord with the Development Plan in that it is not an allocation and is located outside of the built up area of Sawtry within the countryside.

"However, it is submitted that when the Development Plan is viewed as a whole, it is written in a way that provides flexibility to respond to changing circumstances in the event that sustainable development comes forward that was not originally anticipated at the time the plan was devised.