Homebirths suspended at Hinchingbrooke Hospital due to staff shortages

Hinchingbrooke Hospital, due to staff shortages has had to suspend home births

Hinchingbrooke Hospital, due to staff shortages has had to suspend home births - Credit: Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Hinchingbrooke Hospital has suspended their homebirth service with immediate effect.   

Following careful consideration, the hospital, says it it unable to provide a safe homebirth service due to chronic regional staffing shortages. 

A spokesman for Hinchingbrooke Hospital said: “Following extensive and careful consideration of all available options we are unable to provide a safe homebirth service. 

“Therefore we have had to take the difficult decision to temporarily suspend our homebirth service with immediate effect."

The hospital has said the decision has had to be made in order to keep all "birthing women and people, babies, families and colleagues safe" and they are asking that people come to hospital to have their babies.  

This will enable staff to be utilised within their maternity units. 

The spokesman added: “We know that this will have an impact upon people and families and for this we are very sorry. 

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“We want to stress the importance of you having midwifery care during your labour and birth, so please do contact your hospital as your labour starts. 

“Please note that all women who were booked to have a homebirth will be contacted by our NWAngliaFT Maternity Team.  

“Please discuss your concerns with your midwife who can escalate your concerns to the appropriate member of staff.   

“As soon as we are in a safe position to resume the homebirth service, we will inform you through social media as soon as possible.” 

The hospital asks that whilst the homebirth service is temporarily suspended that as soon as a person’s labour starts to contact the hospital they are booked at so that the hospital can prepare for their arrival. The hospital’s priority continues to be everybody’s safety. 

  • Hinchingbrooke contact number 01480 847480 / 847481 

  • Peterborough contact number 01733 677266 

If you have non-clinical questions please contact your Maternity and Neonatal Voice Partnership. 

Peterborough and Hinchingbrooke Maternity Voice Partnership via email peterboroughhinchingbrookemvp@gmail.com or via their Facebook page