HINCHINGBROOKE: Unison claims Circle’s Hinchingbrooke Hospital deal was ‘doomed to fail’

Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Hinchingbrooke Hospital. - Credit: Archant

Trade unions have condemned Circle’s intention to withdraw from Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

A spokesman for Unison said: “Circle’s withdrawal from Hinchingbrooke is something Unison anticipated from the outset. While Circle claims that cuts to funding and added pressure on beds is the cause, this remains the case in all NHS trusts and yet they are unable to pull out in this manner.

“Hinchingbrooke, once a low cost, high achieving, thriving district general hospital, was starved of funding in a deliberate attempt to bring in private sector partner intended to pave the way for further partnerships of this nature.

“With staff morale at an all time low, a terrible leaked CQC report and staff of all levels voting with their feet, this partnership was doomed to fail.

“Claims that Circle operated a John Lewis-type company were always open to question, with staff never seeing any rewards.

“UNISON feel vindicated in their lack of faith in this partnership and remains firm in its belief that there is no place in the health of the nation for companies to seek to make a profit in the way Circle planned.”