Hinchingbrooke’s biggest baby born at 12lb 1oz

A BOY born at Hinchingbrooke Hospital weighed in at 12lb 1oz – nearly DOUBLE the average.

Nina Woodley, 30, of Windsor Gardens, Somersham, gave birth to Acer on January 20, after less than two hours in labour.

He was 11 days late but was the equivalent size of a two-month-old baby.

A spokesman for the Huntingdon hospital said Acer is believed to be the heaviest born there.

Nina refused to take any drugs because Acer had an ectopic heartbeat, meaning his heart kept missing a beat.

She said: “I kept asking to be induced as I was �overdue. I was told Acer would be around 9lb 14oz so I wasn’t expecting to give birth to a 12lb baby

“Even the midwife weighing Acer had to do it twice because she couldn’t believe how big he was. She said it was the largest she had ever delivered.

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“However, the birth was easier than my other son, Hugo, who was above average weight at 9lb 4oz – the same as me – but that may be because it was very quick.”

Just a week after he was born, Acer was already in clothes suitable for babies up to six months.

Acer was to have been called Maddox but Nina and husband Shaun, 29, changed their minds ... because Maddox was the name of their friend’s dog.

Nina was told that, if she had another baby, it could be even heavier.

She said: “Maybe we could try for the world record – but I don’t think that will convince Shaun!”

Niamh O’Halloran entered the record books this year as the heaviest baby girl in Britain when she was born by Caesarean in September last year at 14 lb 4oz. The biggest boy in the UK was Guy Carr of Barrow, Cumbria, who weighed 15lb 8oz when he was born in 1992.