“They are literally inches from the faces of those who are about to be put on ventilation due to coronavirus,” says husband of frontline nurse

The dedicated mother-of-two, who was in the RAF for 22 years, is doing a “remarkable job” looking after coronavirus patients in intensive care at Hinchingbrooke Hospital – and her husband wants to pay tribute to her.

Sally Rees, 50, who fought on the frontline in Afghanistan, is working around the clock during the crisis as an operating department practitioner.

Her husband Simon – who is also at high-risk of contracting the virus – told The Hunts Post how they’ve made a makeshift bedroom at their Huntingdon house and spend meal times two metres apart.

The 53-year-old, who also served in the RAF for 30 years, explained how Sally and her team are “putting themselves in harm’s way” to save as many people as possible.

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“They are literally inches from the faces of those who are about to be put on ventilation due to coronavirus,” he said. “Sadly these patients could be on it for two weeks or they could never come off it; as in a matter of days symptoms could get worse.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a top surgeon or porter – the fear factor is reducing them to tears.”

Earlier in the week, Sally was involved in taking people to Papworth – but a steady flow of patients are continually coming in to intensive care daily.

“I cannot express how proud I am of her,” Simon continued. “The mental and physical exhaustion is taking its toll on everyone because it is so distressing to see how upset and ill people are. But because Sally has a military background it has been a natural thing that she has had to adapt to.”

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Simon suffers with inflammatory disease ankylosing spondylitis which has meant Sally has had to take extra care when returning home from work.

But she is managing to maintain her distance from the rest of the family including her sons Matt, 23, and Jacob, 16.

“When she comes home all that she talks about is what a wonderful team she works with and checking up on how I am,” Simon added. “Sally and her colleagues are doing the most amazing thing anyone can do; they are putting others first – they are doing what is needed.”