Plans have been submitted to demolish outdated accommodation at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

The application to Huntingdonshire District Council will pave the way for Hinchingbrooke Health and Care NHS Trust to build more than 385 new flats.

In the supporting documents supplied to the district council, the trust said: “There is an urgent need to reconfigure existing hospital accommodation, to bring it up to 21st century standards.”

If approval is given the scheme will to be made up of flats for health and care workers, for medical and nursing students, accommodation for rehabilitation and for specialist continuing care and general needs.

However the trust has stated that: “The mix of accommodation will be determined in dialogue between the hospital and the district council.”

It is proposed that the flats will be built on the same site as the existing accommodation that is west of the hospital’s treatment centre and will comprise of three blocks of flats, communal courtyards and space for parking.

According to planners the site also has potential for a podium car park on the ground floor of the development.

The trust states: “It is of vital importance that the hospital continues to attract nurses and doctors. Part of this attraction lies in the provision of modern, high quality living accommodation.”

The trust also has separate plans to demolish of the hospital’s nursery and staff car park to build 34 houses and 12 apartments. Those plans are currently being considered by district council planners.

The applications are a part of the hospital’s Health Campus concept, a drive to retain staff and attract new staff as well as to anticipate how the delivery of health and social care will change in the years ahead.