Hinchingbrooke Hospital Staff are very grateful for the generous acts of kindness the local communities are providing

Last night, March 26, people across the nation, stood on their doorsteps to show their support and appreciation for NHS Staff and Key workers.

The event known as ‘Clap the Carers’ took place at 8pm where people cheered and applauded the work of NHS Staff and Key workers

Roars of cheer and clapping could be heard in many streets in communities across Huntingdon.

NHS Staff and Key workers are on the frontline and are risking their health by continuing to work during a UK lockdown due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

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Caroline Walker, chief executive for North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust said: “It was incredibly heart warming to stand out and participate in the phenomenal wave of support shown for the ‘Clap for Carers’ national initiative last night.

“It is so important and reassuring to know how supported our truly amazing staff are by the public.

“They are working above and beyond anything we could ever have imagine and we are all very grateful for the generous acts of kindness and words of support our local communities are providing us with.”

Councillor for Huntingdonshire District Council, Patrick Kadewere also said: “There are so many brave, selfless people within our community and across the country, putting themselves on the line to keep us safe, looked after and fed.

“To all frontline workers, we thank you sincerely for all you are doing.

“You are all heroes, whether in the Care sector looking after our health and well being, Cleaners keeping us all protected, Emergency services, protecting us, shop workers keeping us fed, delivery drivers keeping them stocked and all other professions looking after us all, we salute you.

“Thank you so much, God bless you all.”