Rhys Bedford                                                                                           PICTURE: Hinchingbrooke HospitalRhys Bedford PICTURE: Hinchingbrooke Hospital

The chief executive of the Trust that runs Hinchingbrooke Hospital has thanked the children of its staff members for their support and understanding during the coronavirus pandemic.

Caroline Walker sent an open letter to families to thank them for the sacrifices they have made during the last three months.

“We are so incredibly grateful to all of the children and families of our staff and I wanted to say a personal ‘thank you’ on behalf of myself and everyone else working in the Trust.

“We hope that those who have sacrificed so much during this time and lived away from loved ones can soon be reunited.”

Nine- year-old Rhys Bedford and three- year- old Jax Bedford were among those who received a letter.

They are the children of Sarah Bedford, who has been living away from her husband and three children, Rhys, Jax and Jake, who are shielding, so that she can continue working at the hospital.