Hinchingbrooke Hospital patients want Circle to improve waiting times

PATIENTS want Hinchingbrooke Hospital to improve waiting times, the results of a survey reveal.

Circle has listed about 2,000 responses to a patient feedback survey carried out in March in an effort to be more transparent as part of its 16-point plan to improve the hospital.

Hinchingbrooke patients were asked what the hospital did well, what could have been better, and would they recommend the hospital to friends and family.

Patient comments included: “Had an appointment at 10.50am, stuck waiting until 12.20pm.

“Nobody said anything about delay” and “a little disappointed with the two hours and 15 minute wait”.

The hospital aims to identify trends in the responses and produce action plans to sort any issues.

Massoud Fouladi, chairman and medical director of Circle Partnership, said: “We want to know how we did and how we can do better.”

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INFORMATION: To view the feedback visit www.hinchingbrooke.nhs.uk