Nurses at Hinchingbrooke Hospital turned back the clocks to raise awareness for a cafe for people with memory problems.

Older people’s specialist nurses Angela Moore and Caroline White slipped into vintage uniforms and showed off medical memorabilia, including bedpans and scales.

The pair, supported by hospital volunteers, also showed off the new Tiptree Boxes – memory boxes that will be given to patients with dementia as part of distraction therapy.

Inside the boxes is a range of 1950s-70s memorabilia that patients find distracting and engaging, including old fashioned kitchen utensils, dominoes, playing cards, coins, pens, postcards and photographs of Huntingdonshire.

The nurses were also joined by members of Huntingdon Rotary Club and the Alzheimer’s Society, who were on hand to highlight the Memory Cafe which is held at Hinchingbrooke every month.

Every third Monday of the month, the Memory Cafe offers an opportunity for patients to socialise and entertainment from films, music and mementos from previous decades.

INFORMATION: The next Memory Cafe will take place at Hinchingbrooke Hospital’s education centre on Monday (February 16) between 2.30pm and 4.30pm.