Highways Agency reveals alternative plans for link between A14 and Huntingdon town centre

Residents can comment on the proposals until Monday, October 27.

Residents can comment on the proposals until Monday, October 27. - Credit: Archant

The Highways Agency is consulting on new plans for how it would connect the current A14 with Huntingdon town centre once a southern bypass is opened.

As part of the multi-million pound upgrade scheme between Ellington and Cambridge, the viaduct near Huntingdon Railway Station is due to be removed.

Traffic on what is to become a “de-trunked” A14, in its original plan, was due to join existing town roads via roundabouts.

However, following feedback, the HA has come up with an alternative, revealed to residents living near the affected areas in a letter at the end of last month.

In the new design, the roundabouts have been replaced with junctions where the flow of vehicles is controlled by traffic lights.

A new road comes off the current A14, across Mill Common to Huntingdon ring road, parallel with Mill Common road. There will also be a turning to the railway station. The old A14 will link up with Brampton Road, creating a crossroads at Edison Bell Way.

West of the viaduct, the A14 was due to join Park Road via a new route across Views Common.

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A number of people raised concerns about the damage that would be caused to the common land if it was developed.

David Prior, of Temple Place, said other projects at the railway station and opposite the Walks North had seen the “precious asset eroded” and warned: “Future generations will not thank us if yet more of Huntingdon’s heritage is lost to the bulldozer.”

Huntingdonshire District Council also raised concern about the impact of the proposals at both Mill Common and Views Common.

The HA’s A14 improvement scheme project director Ian Parker said the changes had been made ahead of applying for a Development Consent Order.

A HA spokesman said: “In taking on board the feedback, we have identified individual landowners who may now be affected in a different way than they were before.

“We have a statutory obligation to engage with these landowners to find out their views on how this design consideration will affect them. This feedback will be used to inform the final scheme design submitted as part of the Development Consent Order which remains on track for autumn 2014.”

The deadline for comments is Monday, October 27. Email A14CambridgeHuntingdon@highways.gsi.gov.uk or write to A14 Team, TerraQuest, 10 Clement Street, Birmingham B1 2SL, quoting: Land Interest.