Highways Agency open to ideas on A1 safety measures

Buckden residents campaigning for traffic lights on the A1 roundabout

Buckden residents campaigning for traffic lights on the A1 roundabout - Credit: Archant

PEOPLE have been asked to come up with ideas for making the A1 safer between Buckden and Southoe.

A meeting of the A1 Safety Group was held on Friday (June 14), the same week as the Highways Agency announced it would lower the limit to 60mph between the villages and enforce it with speed cameras.

The group’s chairman Fiona Shirley said the HA had been able to afford the scheme, which could cost up to £1.7m, due to an unexpected cash boost from Central Government. “They got funding for this from a pot of money which popped up from The Treasury.

“The HA was able to move quite quickly when the money appeared and took advantage of it.”

Looking ahead, she said the group would help come up with fully-costed plans to make the most of any future opportunities.

“The HA has said ‘You think about solutions as well’. What do local people see as the solution to some of these problems?” she added.

“It’s always going to be a trunk road and we are not going to have it moved, not for some years anyway. We would all like it to by-pass the villages.

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“The HA said bring anything to the table.”

Meanwhile, as part of the planned changes, the HA has pledged to consider changing road markings in the central reservation at Southoe, which drivers have complained are misleading.

It is also to consider improving signs on the approach to Buckden from the north. “There’s a road sign showing the roundabout and a little turning off,” said Mrs Shirley.

“But when cars are travelling at speed, there’s a lot of greenery around, and it doesn’t jump out at you. We want something that’s going to jump out at you.”

Other separate issues due to be addressed include cutting grass which obscures the view of motorists at junctions, such as Vicarage Road, Diddington.

Long-term, the group, which next meets in September, intends to ensure that when the new A14 is built it allows for an A1 bypass of the villages.

INFORMATION: Ideas for improving safety on the A1 should be sent via e-mail to a1safetygroup@gmail.com