Hemingford parents issue urgent appeal for lollipop lady

WORRIED parents have put out an urgent appeal to find a new lollipop lady to help their children cross a dangerous road.

WORRIED parents have put out an urgent appeal to find a new lollipop lady to help their children cross a dangerous road.

Parents have been searching for months to find a new lollipop lady for St Ives Road, where youngsters cross the road to Hemingford Grey Primary School.

The previous crossing patrol left in September 2009 and despite advertising in the school newsletter a new one has still not been found.

A group of seven parents, led by mother-of-three Connie Price are now issuing an appeal through The Hunts Post to find a new lollipop lady.

Mrs Price, 40, of Old Pound Close, Hemingford Grey, described the situation as “very worrying” and said there had been “many near misses”.

She said: “I’ve seen a car slow down to let a child across the road and then the car behind them go to overtake. It is only a matter of time before there is an accident. It’s so dangerous.”

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Mrs Price, a part-time administrator at St Ivo School said that cars “whizz” along the road making it almost impossible to cross. She also described seeing children getting stuck in the middle of the road struggling to get to the other side.

She said: “We desperately need a lollipop lady.”

Fellow mum-of-three, Tracy Webb, who also lives in Old Pound Close, said she felt so concerned after seeing a car mount the pavement that she phoned the police.

Mrs Webb said: “There needs to be someone to control the traffic. A lollipop lady is 100 per cent needed. There could be terrible consequences if we leave it much longer.”

The parents have the backing of the school headteacher, Kate Fox.

In a statement issued to The Hunts Post, Mrs Fox said: “The appointment of the school crossing patrol officer is the responsibility of the county council. Clearly as a school we want to see this vacancy filled and we have supported the council by sending flyers to parents advertising the vacancy and have placed an advertisement in the local shop.

“As a matter of course, the school newsletter contains reminders about road safety issues and we teach the children about safety on the roads as part of the curriculum.”

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire County Council said: “The need for a school crossing patrol at Hemingford Grey Primary School is currently being reassessed. However, we are aware of parents’ concerns and a decision will be made in due course.”