An elderly widow has been able to see and talk to her family, thanks to the efforts of the Hemingford Hub and mobile video conferencing technology.

Eva Baynham spoke to her family using an iPad provided by the Hemingford HubEva Baynham spoke to her family using an iPad provided by the Hemingford Hub

Eva Baynham, who is 96, is one of many residents in the village of Hemingford Abbots who is self isolating.

Through the efforts of the hub, Eva was able to see her sons and grandchildren again who live in Suffolk

and Dorset.

Volunteers from the hub took an iPad round to Eva so she could that she could both see and chat to them.

“I couldn’t believe it was possible when they told me what could be done,” said Eva,

who, because of the risk of getting Covid-19, isn’t leaving home or having visitors for at least three months.

“What wonderful neighbours I have. They are looking after me so well.”

Her son Graham added: “It was reassuring to see Eva looking so well. You can’t tell that with a phone call.”

The link was such a success that the organisation is now offering the free facility to

other at-risk residents of Hemingford Grey and Hemingford Abbots.

Dr Josephine Wills, chairman of Hemingford Hub, said: “Just get in touch with us if you know other at-risk, self-isolated residents who would like to see and talk to their family and friends living a distance away. They can contact the Hub at 07308 035416, or email”

Volunteers for the Hub’s good neighbour scheme have been making sure that Eva,along with over 230 residents in the two villages of Hemingford Abbots and Hemingford Grey in similar situations, receives her prescription medicines and shopping. The Hub now has more than 130 volunteers who are looking after the needs of the community in these troubled times.

Hemingford Hub was set up in 2019 as a community initiative, run by local people. Its Good Neighbour Scheme offers support and friendship to the elderly, struggling parents, those with disabilities and anyone wanting to chat to a

friendly voice.

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