Help choose a name for Hamerton Zoo Park’s latest arrival

Karaki the camel with her new calf.

Karaki the camel with her new calf. - Credit: Archant

Hamerton Zoo Park welcomed a new arrival earlier this year, after one of its Bactrian camels gave birth to a healthy female calf.

The calf is the second baby for seven-year-old Karaki and arrived in front of a crowd of surprised visitors on November 3.

The Bactrian camel is native to Central Asia, has two humps on its back, and can withstand temperatures from freezing to blistering heatwaves.

Now almost two-months-old, the baby is still yet to be named and The Hunts Post has teamed up with zoo to let readers have their say on what the camel should be called.

Readers can place a vote for one of the following names:

Kara, Saskia, Tatyana, Dina or Elena.

To enter, write your name suggestion on a postcard to The Hunts Post, 30 High Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3TB, or e-mail:

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Deadline is January 5, and the most popular name will be chosen for the baby camel.