Helicopter flight planned in Cambs wind farm protest

WIND farm protesters are hoping to give their campaign a lift this weekend by flying a helicopter over the site of the proposed development.

The Stop Common Barn Wind Farm action group, formed earlier this month (November), intends to stage the flight over Common Barn, Southoe, to highlight the “visual impact” of the project.

Following the success of an application for a 70-metre-high wind-monitoring mast by developer TCI Renewables, approved by Huntingdonshire District Council in October, the company has said it intends to apply for outline planning permission for three wind turbines, each 126 metres high.

TCI said half of the people who attended its recent exhibition about the development were in favour of the scheme.

However, action group leader Sandro Proietti, of Midloe Grange, Southoe, said: “Everybody in the action group supports renewable energy, in the right location – but this is not it.

“This is a beautiful space with a wonderful network of bridle paths, and Grafham Water is only one kilometre away.

“This is about the destruction of the landscape, and we want to fly a helicopter over the site to assess the visual impact.”

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The action group will fly to the exact height of the proposed turbines for about 15 minutes to take photographs from inside the helicopter out across the landscape, and at various points from the ground up.

TCI Renewables said the wind farm could generate enough electricity to power up to 4,000 households as well as contributing to the Government’s goals of using available renewable energy sources.

But the action group believes falling house prices, loss of wildlife habitats and the noise generated by the turbines is too high a price to pay.

INFORMATION: The helicopter will be flying over Common Barn, Southoe on Saturday, December 3 at 2pm. For details visit www.stopcommonbarnwindfarm.com