Hedgehogs rescued from Huntingdon veranda

Five hedgehogs PICTURE: Sp

Five hedgehogs PICTURE: Spiny Normans Hedgehog Support - Credit: Spiny Normans Hedgehog Suppor

Spiny Norman’s Hedgehog Support has rescued five little hedgehogs and a mother from a veranda in Huntingdon.

Owner Amanda of Spiny Normans Hedgehog Rescue Centre PICTURE: Amanda Mizpah Norman

Owner Amanda of Spiny Normans Hedgehog Rescue Centre PICTURE: Amanda Mizpah Norman - Credit: Amanda Mizpah Norman

The support centre, run by Amanda Mizpah Norman, in Wyboston, looks takes in vulnerable hedgehogs who are in need of care.

She started the hospital 18 months ago, and had a staggering 60 hogs through the doors and decided she needed more space.

She then moved to Wyboston for more room and gets frequent calls from people asking her to help to rescue hedgehogs.

Amanda Mizpah Norman said: “In the summer season, if you see a hedgehog out in the day, that is a sign that the hedgehog could be unwell as they are nocturnal creatures.

“It is best to call me and then I can take a look at the hedgehog to check to see if they are okay.

“They are a treasured animal in the county and I work long hours to keep them well.”

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Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on many animal rescue centres and charities, they heavily rely on donations from the public and help from their volunteers.

Amanda said: “Since Covid hit, things have been tricky in the world of rescue, of course we saw our volunteers stay at home and we ended up with a lot of hedgehogs all still needing a high level of care.

“Thankfully things got back on track but I had noticed a drop in donations.

To find out more or to get help with a hedgehog in need visit Spinny Norman’s Hedgehog support website at: www.spinynormans.org.