New hedgehog highway at development in Sawtry

Helen Warby at the hedgehog highway in Sawtry

Helen Warby, from Vistry East Midlands, at Judiths Gardens in Sawtry. ​​​​​​​ - Credit: VISTRY

A hedgehog highway has been created at a new housing development in Sawtry.

The highway's low-tech holes for the much-loved creatures have been placed at ground level in fencing and other barriers at Judith Gardens, just off Gidding Road, to give hedgehogs access between gardens and wild areas.

The initiative is part of a wider national project agreed between Vistry Group – the housebuilding company which comprises Bovis Homes, Linden Homes and Vistry Partnerships – and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to protect the endangered animals.

By allowing hedgehogs to roam freely at night, the holes will enable the prickly creatures to find enough food, mates and shelter – and to preserve their natural habitat.

Hannah Dorner, sales manager for Vistry East Midlands, said: “We are very pleased that Judith Gardens is involved in this brilliant effort to protect one of the nation’s favourite animals, a scheme that demonstrates our commitment to building sustainably.

“Conserving Britain’s natural habitats is extremely important to us, so we are proud to be implementing this simple measure that will have long-lasting benefits for hedgehogs and other wildlife.”

Bovis Homes is building 295 properties at Judith Gardens, comprising a mix of two, three, four and five-bedroom houses.

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Work has been progressing well at the site since its launch last September, with the first residents expected to move in this spring.

Plaques will be installed next to the hedgehog highways created throughout the development to inform residents of their significance to ensure they don’t get blocked or filled in.

Hannah said: “The hedgehog highways scheme is a nice opportunity for nature-loving residents to learn more about the wildlife in their gardens and to see how small changes like this can help to support efforts to conserve the hedgehog population.

“We look forward to welcoming the first residents to Judith Gardens in the coming months, and we hope that they will enjoy living at this hedgehog-friendly development.”

More information about hedgehogs and how to care for them in the wild and support the British Hedgehog Preservation Society charity, is available at: