Online fitness tool will help Hunts residents get active

Wellbeing Score tool to help Hunts residents get active

(Left to right) Training Shed lead coach, Alexa Passingham, executive councillor for community resilience and wellbeing, Simon Bywater and CEO of the Training Shed, Glen Thurgood. - Credit: Training Shed

An online tool that encourages people to adopt a healthier lifestyle is being used by Huntingdonshire residents as part of the council’s efforts to tackle obesity.  

The Training Shed Wellbeing Score is being used by Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) to support 177,000 adult constituents as part of the #HuntsActive project. 

In the upcoming weeks, residents will be sent an invitation to take part in the survey, which provides instant feedback on how the user can improve their lifestyle by calculating a Wellbeing Score to indicate an individual’s wellness level. 

The anonymised results will provide the council with meaningful data about their district and enable them to identify areas where people may be struggling so that they can better support them.

Once people have completed the assessment, they will be made aware of the council-run programmes that can support their wellbeing, such as active campaigns, online courses and gyms in the area.  

Executive councillor for community resilience and wellbeing, Simon Bywater, said: “The pandemic has had a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.

"I have diabetes so a campaign like this is great for me to get involved in, better my score, improve my wellbeing and manage my condition.  

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“We’re encouraging all residents in the district to get involved as it will allow every one of us to make small changes and pick up healthier habits in our day-to-day life.” 

Glen Thurgood, CEO of the Training Shed, said: “Our job is to help people to feel fit and healthy, so it is an honour to be able to offer our support to people in the Huntingdonshire district.” 

If you’re from the Huntingdon District, click here to find our your Wellbeing Score today. 

To learn more about the #ActiveHunts campaign, click here

To learn more about how the Wellbeing Score could help your district or company, email