Second life-saving defibrillator in St Neots thanks to company's efforts

The new defibrillator is at the Ambiance Cafe in St Neots. 

The new defibrillator is at the Ambiance Cafe in St Neots. - Credit: EMMA DUKER

A life-saving defibrillator is now in place at the Ambiance Cafe, in St Neots, thanks to donations and a fund-raising drive. 

This device, and a second at Adlam and Coomber Optometrists, in Brook Street, are the result of the efforts of Velocity Design and Marketing (VDM), based in Brook Street, who launched the campaign, and support from local businesses and the St Neots Round Table. 

Emma Duker, from VDM, said: "The park has a high volume of visitors over the summer and is the location of many local events, like the popular Bands in the Park, and as it’s located by the river, so we felt this was a prime position.

"We’ve had so much support for this project, it’s been rather overwhelming at times, and we really can’t thank everyone involved enough. We were fortunate that James Fenna from Fenna & Company Limited (who is also a local firefighter) kindly offered to donate his time and expertise to install both of the units for us."