Hunts mental health survey reveals struggles of third lockdown

There is help available for anyone in Cambridgeshire with mental health issues. 

There is help available for anyone in Cambridgeshire with mental health issues. - Credit: ARCHANT

People across Huntingdonshire felt “anxious, frightened and disconnected” during the third lockdown, a survey has revealed. 

Only 35 per cent of people asked said that they “felt ok” compared to 70 per cent during the first lockdown in spring 2020. 

"Anxious", "frustrated", "fearful", "angry" and "bored" were some of the words used to describe how people felt about the pandemic at the start of this year. 

The survey was organised by social enterprise company ABC Life Support, based in St Neots, to gauge how the public felt in the middle of another lockdown. 

They provide a range of training courses for emergency first aid and mental health and wellbeing.

A spokesperson for ABC Life Support said: “We really wanted to find out how the lockdown, restrictions, health implications, work issues and general worry had affected people.  

“What struck us with this last survey was the change in outlook and how the implications of the lockdowns had on people.  

“The impact of the pandemic cannot be underestimated nor can the long-term implications on the wellbeing of each of us. 

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“But we were also surprised that even with the difficulties faced, how so many people were positive and staying optimistic.” 

From a positive perspective, words such as "optimistic", "safe at home'" and "grateful" we also submitted.  

Although there were changes to the plans at Christmas, many participants said they were unaffected by the change.

Seventy-five per cent stated it was a “stress-free Christmas and nice to have it paired back and a simpler time for their families”. 

However, the service as a whole found that feelings were slightly more negative due to the weather, shorter days and darker nights. 

The fear of the new strain of coronavirus and feeling a lack of purpose were also raised.  

“While some stated they found this lockdown easier, more people found it harder,” an ABC Life Support spokesperson added. 

“The results of the survey showed a mixed response; we understand that this is primarily based upon the individual set of conditions that a person is living under and different perspectives.” 

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