'Covid vaccines for children? Show us the benefits first!'

Covid vaccines for children should be “fully researched to show the benefit” before those under 18 are jabbed, readers say. 

Covid vaccines for children should be “fully researched to show the benefit” before those under 18 are jabbed, readers say. - Credit: Leigh Prather - stock.adobe.com

Covid vaccines for children should be “fully researched to show the benefit” before those under 18 are jabbed, Hunts Post readers say. 

The Government confirmed last week that children over 12 who are at higher risk of getting ill if they catch the virus will be offered the jab. 

But the vast majority of children in the UK, who are low risk, will not be offered the vaccine for now. 

It means, overall, around 370,000 children will be eligible. 

In our latest social media question, we asked Hunts Post readers what they thought about vaccines for children. 

Many people commented a firm ‘no’ but there were others who said they would be happy for their children to have the vaccine if they had a pre-existing health condition. 

Alex Davis: “I would need to see the benefit…my boys tested positive last year but had little in terms of symptoms. If the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission then I struggle to see the need.  

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“Both myself and husband have had it and now been double jabbed and if someone can sell me a good enough reason for my boys to have it then I will happily go with scientific advice rather than reacting to a politically motivated justification!” 

Stuart Buckminster: “Definitely, my youngest is almost 17, and although generally clued up, it's very easy to forget mask and sanitise hands so I would love for her to have the protection – as she is the only one in our family bubble that isn’t. My 21-year-old has already been double vaccinated.” 

Rose Rosamond: “I would be happy for my granddaughters aged 16 and 11 to have their vaccine.” 

However, other readers were clear on their decision of children not having the vaccine being the best choice. 

Kylie Jade Hogben: “No chance. I really hope people saying yes here are saying it because of research and not flippantly... and this comment is about healthy children before anyone jumps in. 

“Absolutely mind blowing.” 

Gareth Tysoe: “NO way!! Completely unnecessary...less than eight per cent of cases of Covid are under 18’s and the symptoms are at worst mild, so what benefit is the vaccine?  

“Transmission is not stopped or reduced by having the vaccine.” 

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