How joining a members-only gym can help you get more from your workout

Two men talking in Quo Vadis Gym, Abbots Ripton

Quo Vadis Gym welcomes clients of all ages and abilities, starting from the age of fourteen, to improve their fitness and nutritional regimes with effective dietary advice and resistance training. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The abundance of fitness techniques and nutritional advice can make it hard to know who you should listen to. 

Instead of trawling through websites and social media to find reliable information, you can find everything you need to improve your workout, lose or gain weight and achieve your fitness goals at a members-only gym staffed by fitness experts.

Quo Vadis Gym, located in Abbots Ripton welcomes clients of all ages and abilities, starting from the age of fourteen, to improve their fitness and nutritional regimes with effective dietary advice and resistance training.  

We speak to Stef and Gian Zicchi, owners of Quo Vadis Gym, who explain how they can help you work on your health and fitness routine.  

Q: What are the benefits of joining a private gym?  

Free weight dumbbells at Quo Vadis Gym, Cambridgeshire

Quo Vadis is a predominately a free weights gym, providing far more natural movements when exercising. - Credit: Quo Vadis Gym

A: First and foremost, it’s the easy access to proven health tips and expertise, that enable you to achieve your fitness goals. We offer bespoke assistance and advice on all aspects of health and fitness, tailored to suit your body type, routine and personal goals. It’s hard to find this level of dedicated, one-to-one help in public health clubs and gyms. Our staff are all qualified coaches with a combined 50 years of experience within the fitness sector, providing a level of expertise difficult to find elsewhere.

We can recommend exercise programs that will work best for you, help you to move towards a more nutritious dietary regime that's easy to maintain and develop a healthier lifestyle in general. The private members club model also generates a community-based atmosphere where like-minded people can enjoy a friendly and more sociable experience.     

Q: How can I join a members-only gym? 

A: You can make an appointment to view the facilities at any time. Once you are happy to become a member we will process your application usually within 48 hours. You can then enjoy the facilities at your leisure and take advantage of the free help and advice as and when you require assistance.     

An exercise bike at Quo Vadis Gym, Cambridgeshire

For those seeking an improvement in their cardio training, Quo Vadis offer a full range of bikes and treadmills. - Credit: Quo Vadis Gym

Q: What facilities are on offer at Quo Vadis gym?  

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A: Set in a rural location on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Abbots Ripton, Quo Vadis is a true gymnasium, with a large amount of free weights and resistance machines. There are treadmills, steppers and static bikes for cardio and also space for floor exercises. On a plot of over two acres, there is plenty of space for outdoor activities as well.

At weekends, we provide ladies only sessions and can arrange private consultations by appointment. We also have a dedicated protein bar serving smoothies, shakes and healthy snacks throughout the hours of business. 

There is also a full size English pool table for relaxing post workout and these facilities are available to members at all times whether you are training or not. 

A range of exercise equipment at Quo Vadis Gym, Abbots Ripton

The facilities at Quo Vadis Gym are specifically geared towards the goals of clients, and cater to a wide variety of resistance training methods. - Credit: Quo Vadis Gym

Q: Why is worth joining a private gym instead of developing my own exercise routine?  

A: Social media and the introduction of home workout videos have completely changed the face of the fitness industry. With so much choice and fitness supplements on offer, it’s hard to find a routine that’s best for you, that you know will work.  

Working out at home, and following online training techniques can also be hazardous, may not yield positive results and could lead to injury. By joining Quo Vadis you’ll be sure to receive professional help and guidance, in a safe and secure environment.  

The level of nutritional and fitness guidance we provide at Quo Vadis was traditionally reserved for professional athletes. We regularly review developments in the field of health and fitness, updating our knowledge base accordingly. 

If you are a serious athlete seeking to improve your performance, or simply seeking to improve your health and fitness, Quo Vadis is amongst the very best places to start that journey.

To learn more about becoming a member at Quo Vadis Gym, visit or call 01487 773618.