Would Plan B protect NHS and give a better Christmas?

This NHS thank you appeared at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, but who is your Covid Champion?

Plan B measures aim to protect the NHS from "unsustainable pressure" - Credit: HUNTS POST

‘Plan B’ measures should be introduced in England some politicians have warned, including advice to work from home and compulsory masks. 

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves also told the BBC earlier this week that the vaccine programme was "stalling" and needed to work better. 

But Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the data did not currently suggest "immediately moving to Plan B". 

The measures aim to protect the NHS from "unsustainable pressure" and include compulsory face coverings, vaccine passports and work from home rules. 

We asked our Hunts Post readers on social media if they believe face coverings and working from home should be in place this winter. 

While for many it a resounding “yes”, others were concerned it could lead to another lockdown. 

Vicky Walter: “I won’t have that choice, I can’t work from home I’m a nurse and I have to wear a face mask all day.” 

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David Edwards: “No, if you are honest there are huge numbers of workers that simply cannot work from home.” 

Sharon Tyrrell: “Yes, I would like to people to wear masks but as for work it's down to the individual.” 

Denise Carter: “Yes. And I think individual councils should make their own decisions and not wait for the government to decide.” 

Phyl Britten: “Absolutely yes, we have never stopped because we are thinking about others as well as ourselves, it really isn’t that big of a deal, and I would really love a better Christmas than last year.” 

Gareth Tysoe: “No, no and no...the vaccination was supposed to stop all this from happening. If you want to wear a mask then wear one but it shouldn’t be mandatory for everyone...you can’t spread something you haven’t got.” 

One in 55 people in England had Covid last week, according to the latest ONS figures, the highest rate since the end of January. 

Demands for compulsory mask wearing, vaccine passports and more working from home have been growing - backed by many doctors and people representing NHS trusts. 

As things stand, there are currently 6,405 people being treated for Covid on wards in England.