Staying healthy this summer: 5 local pharmacy services that can save you time, money and stress

Mother applying suncream to child and following healthcare advice from Alconbury Pharmacy in Huntingdon

Easily access expert healthcare advice and tips at Alconbury Pharmacy to help keep your family safe this summer. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Struggling to get a doctor’s appointment, or lacking time to sit in a waiting room? Perhaps there’s another way to get the medical help you need.

“Hectic routines, heavy to-do lists, and wanting to make the most of the warm weather are all things that can make booking, waiting for and attending a GP appointment an inconvenience during summer,” says Anil Sharma, manager of Alconbury Pharmacy in Huntington. 

“Of course, sometimes a trip to the doctor is the medicine you need, but for other little niggles or general health questions, why not consider exploring the services offered by your local pharmacy?”

Below, Anil shares some handy health services Alconbury Pharmacy is offering to keep you feeling great all summer.

1. Free NHS prescription delivery service

“This is one of our most-used services, simply because of the ease and convenience it provides,” says Anil.

Alconbury Pharmacy deliver NHS prescriptions direct to your door, avoiding the need for you to collect your medicine from the GP. It’s a great alternative for those self-isolating, with mobility issues or who can’t get time off work.

It’s easy to sign up for the service – visit the team in branch to join. You can also download their Healthcare app onto your mobile to find and order the medicine you need.

2. In-store blood pressure testing

“It’s incredibly important as you get older to monitor your blood pressure to ensure there are no underlying issues. High blood pressure can increase your risk of a stroke or heart attack,” Anil explains. “Identifying issues early on can prevent the condition from worsening.”

Family enjoying sunny day out after using Love Farm Pharmacy's NHS prescription delivery service to save time.

Using Alconbury Pharmacy's prescription delivery service will give you more time to enjoy the pleasant weather with your family. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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You can visit Alconbury Pharmacy and take a blood pressure test for free. The knowledgeable and friendly staff can then analyse your results and explain if you should take any further action.

“If your blood pressure is elevated, we can recommend some simple changes you can make to your diet and routine to help bring it down,” Anil says. “We can also provide a 24-hour blood pressure machine you can use at home. We’ll share your results with the GP, who can advise if further treatment is needed.”

3. A one-stop travel clinic

To help you stay safe on your summer holiday, you can visit your local pharmacy to find out more about travel vaccines.

“We can advise what vaccines you’ll need and our qualified pharmacists can administer them in-store,” Anil says. “Some countries still require you to have a recent negative PCR result to travel. We can perform the test on-site and provide results within 24 hours.”

It’s best to contact the pharmacy six weeks before your departure date to ensure there’s enough time to get everything ready before your holiday.

4. A comprehensive weight loss and management service

To help you look and feel your best this summer, Alconbury Pharmacy provides a range of treatments and advice to help you lose weight.

24 hour blood pressure machine usable at home from Loves Farm Pharmacy in St Neots

The pharmacy can provide a 24-hour blood pressure machine that you can use at home to monitor your levels. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

“We can offer support for those struggling to maintain their weight,” Anil says. “Our weight management specialist can advise if you’re eligible for weight-loss injections or a meal-replacement system like Lipotrim. They’ll recommend what weight-loss treatment is best for you.”

5. Expert health advice and tips

From managing hay fever symptoms to protecting your eyes and skin against harmful UV rays, Alconbury Pharmacy can provide expert healthcare tips to care for your physical and mental wellbeing.

“Local pharmacies are an incredibly important part of the community,” Anil says. “During lockdown, we were one of the few services to remain open because we recognised how important it was for families to find the reassurance and support that they needed.”

The staff at Alconbury Pharmacy outside the shop on their four-year anniversary.

The staff at Alconbury Pharmacy celebrating their four-year anniversary. - Credit: Alconbury Pharmacy

This May, Anil will visit St James Palace, to meet with Prince Charles, along with several other healthcare professionals, to receive thanks and recognition for the service they provided throughout Covid-19.

“For us, the most important thing is providing easy and convenient access to quality healthcare and helping families to stay safe, happy and healthy,” Anil says.

Visit to discover the full range of services that they provide. You can also call 01480 896630, or visit them at 1 Bell Lane, Alconbury, Huntingdon, PE28 4DU.