HDC receives complaints about litter at Tesco in Huntingdon

SUPERMARKET giant Tesco has said it will monitor the levels of litter around its store after complaints about the mess.

Michael Burke sent pictures of the litter-strewn land close to the A141 to The Hunts Post and said something needed to be done.

Mr Burke, 31, of Edinburgh Drive, St Ives, said the land “has become a sea of Tesco carrier bags”.

He said: “I use the route every day on the way to work.

“Tesco go to all this effort encouraging people not to use carrier bags but then this happens. I have contacted the council and they said that enforcement officers were dealing with it but nothing seems to happen.

“It’s difficult because I don’t know who the land belongs to – whether it’s Tesco or part of the housing development; it’s a bit of a No Man’s Land. Nobody wants to take responsibility but it really needs to be cleared up. I think it ought to be Tesco’s responsibility because it’s mostly their carrier bags.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “Our staff regularly check the area around the store for litter and we will continue to work closely with the local council to monitor the issue. We would ask our customers to please be considerate and put their litter in the bin.”

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A spokesman for Huntingdonshire District Council said: “An enforcement officer has already visited Tesco about the litter and we will be visiting them again to discuss this with them further.”