HDC - full poll results

IT has been a miserable morning for Huntingdonshire Liberal Democrats who came last in nearly every seat they contested on Huntingdonshire District Council apart from the two they won – one by a landslide, the other after a recount.

However, in terms of seats, the results were less dismal: of the three seats they held last week, they succeeded in retaining two, those of party leader Peter Downes in Brampton and his deputy Mike Shellens, who just beat off a challenge from former Conservative agent Sir Peter Brown in Huntingdon North.

The Tories did not fare so well, either, losing HDC chairman Jeff Dutton’s Huntingdon East seat to Labour’s Patrick Kadewere, Eaton Socon to Independent former Lib-Dem Derek Giles, and Ramsey to UKIP mayor Lisa Duffy, both the latter by large margins. They scraped home in Godmanchester, and were run close in The Hemingfords by an Independent, who is a member of the Stop Houghton East Development pressure group.

UKIP significantly increased its poll across the board, and Labour fared better than for a decade in Huntingdonshire.

There are now 39 Conservative members of HDC, seven Liberal Democrats, three UKIP representatives and two Independent members. A by-election for the remaining vacant seat, in Earith is expected to be held soon.



Most Read

Adrian Arnett (UKIP) 201

*Peter Downes (LD) 1,196 - elected

Robert Pugh (L) 116

Tina Theodorou (C) 462


Ann Beevor (L) 156

Robert Brown (UKIP) 130

Laine Kadi? (C) 468 - elected

Nigel Pauley (Ind) 445

David Underwood (LD) 455

Huntingdon East:

Sir Peter Brown (C) 789

Marion Kadewere (L) 282

Derek Norman (UKIP) 336

*Mike Shellens (LD) 823 - elected

Huntingdon North:

Peter Ashcroft (UKIP) 179

*Jeff Dutton (C) 333

Patrick Kadewere (L) 430 - elected

Trish Shrapnel (LD)81


Susan Coomey (L) 167

Brian Cunningham (C) 565

Lisa Duffy (UKIP) 1,138 - elected


Roger Henson (UKIP) 231

Mary Howell (L) 109

*Dick Tuplin (Ind) 1,049 - elected


*Steve Criswell (C) 841 - elected

Tony Jebson (LD) 181

Shirley Reeve (UKIP) 251

Graeme Watkins (L) 180


Roger Henson (UKIP) 231

Mary Howell (L) 109

*Dick Tuplin (Ind) 1,049 - elected

St Ives East:

*Jason Ablewhite (C) 651 - elected

Paul Bullen (UKIP) 334

Lord Toby Jug (Loony) 118

Richard Oliver (LD) 130

Angela Richards (L) 166

St Ives West:

Richard Allen (L) 62

Ryan Fuller (C) 294 - elected

David Hodge (LD) 180

Margaret King (UKIP) 129

Heather Merryweather (Ind) 201

St Neots Eaton Ford:

Marion Appleton (UKIP) 254

Nicholas Berry (LD) 185

*Bob Farrer (C) 895 - elected

Nik Johnson (L) 239

St Neots Eaton Socon:

Derek Giles (Ind) 890

*Andy Jennings (C) 288

Patricia Nicholls (L) 85

Jenny O’Dell (UKIP) 84

Gordon Thorpe (LD) 53

St Neots Eynesbury:

*Andrew Hansard (C) 646 - elected

David Howard (UKIP) 319

Bill O’Connor (L) 353

Doug Terry (LD) 218

The Hemingfords:

*Ian Bates (C) 779 - elected

Paul Boothman (Ind) 647

Ian Percy (UKIP) 226

David Priestman (LD) 135

John Watson (L)137

Warboys and Bury:

Tony Hulme (LD) 169

John Pethard (C) 612 - elected

Iain Ramsbottom (L) 195

Michael Tew (UKIP) 306

Yaxley and Farcet:

Margaret Cochrane (L) 479

Barry Hyland (UKIP) 453

Mark Oliver (C) 860 - elected

Chris Waites (LD) 97