'More than just radio' says HCR in new Hunts Post column

Ben Prior (HCR104fm), head coach of St Ives Rugby Club Max Dominy, and Isaac Brindley (HCR104fm).

Ben Prior (HCR104fm), head coach of St Ives Rugby Club Max Dominy, and Isaac Brindley (HCR104fm). - Credit: HCR

Welcome to our regular column - and thank you Hunts Post, for giving Huntingdon Community Radio this opportunity to reach out to your readers and our listeners!

Whilst Covid-19 thwarted our 25th anniversary celebrations in 2020, we went from strength to strength. HCR104fm is now a 24-hour presenter-led radio station - but we’ve had to adapt and learn new skills with volunteers setting up home studios.

We’re hoping we can return to our Saxongate studios soon. Our dedicated volunteers find home broadcasting convenient but there’s nothing quite like the studio experience, with the spontaneity that brings.”

Bill Hensley, MD of Huntingdon Community Radio. 

Bill Hensley, MD of Huntingdon Community Radio. - Credit: ARCHANT

The station has always been primarily music based with a mission to provide listeners with ‘quality familiar’ music. Our playlist therefore includes 60s, 70s and 80s favourites right up to the 2020s! And 50s music lovers can have their weekly fix with Rock and Roll on Tuesday evenings plus other specialist shows - jazz, classical, country, soft rock and soul and Motown.

I’m very aware that some stations are cutting back on their 60s to 80s music output, along with other genres in an effort to appeal to younger listeners and we aim to plug that gap. It is our belief that there is an enduring affection amongst listeners for familiar songs and music from their younger days and we think people shouldn’t be deprived of that.

Quality music isn’t our only aim - we’ve a thriving sports team in Saturday Sports led by Isaac Brindley and we’ve already successfully broadcast live commentary from local fixtures when possible. Additionally, we’ve introduced a local news bulletin that brings us even closer to our community and whilst the pandemic has halted production of our community access show Over to You, we’re pleased that it’s being rolled out again at last.

A new website feature is our Listen Again option. This is especially useful for those night-time shows when not everyone can stay awake. Take a look too at our website www.hcrfm.co.uk for recipes, podcasts of our drama presentations Huntsford and new comedy series Ambleforth Manor, local news about how Covid-19 is affecting our area, our schedule and of course, you can listen online as shows are broadcast.

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More than just radio - we are community and as ever, thank you for your support.