Has a second piece of ‘extra terrestrial’ rock fallen on Huntingdonshire?

David Needham, from Somersham, with his rock,

David Needham, from Somersham, with his rock, - Credit: Archant

A second piece of stone described as “remarkably similar” to a piece that crashed through a conservatory roof – and which may have come from outer space - has been discovered by a homeowner in Somersham.

David Needham was clearing away some debris from his garden on November 20 when he happened upon an unusual looking piece of stone among a pile of garden waste.

He was due to dispose of the stone at the local tip when, by chance, he picked up a copy of the Hunts Post and read the story of Sidney and Pauline Toomes, of St Ives, who had seen a similar piece of rock smash through their conservatory roof.

Mr Needham said: “Although it was unusual, I didn’t think too much of it and I was going to put it in the hardcore bin. I went back inside and read the Hunts Post and when I saw the story from St Ives I though ‘I’ve just found a piece like that’.

“I’ve got no idea what it is, it’s certainly not metal and it’s not rock, it’s very light. My immediate reaction was to think that it was man made because of its cylindrical nature.”

Mr Needham discovered the stone next to a piece of broken fence cap, which he suspects could have been split in half by the stone as it fell.

The piece discovered in St Ives, which punched a perfect circular hole in a conservatory roof, was reckoned by an insurance company to be ‘extra terrestrial’, although attempts to have it confirmed with local astrological groups have so far proved fruitless.

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Mr Needham said the piece he discovered in his garden was about an inch long and three-quarters-of-an-inch in diameter, matching the appearance and dimensions of the stone found in St Ives.

He said: “It could either be something deposited from a plane or perhaps some space junk. Had I not seen the article, it would have just gone off to the top in the hardcore bin.”

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