Villagers in Hartford are litter champions

Residents of Hartford and Huntingdon from the Love Huntingdon Community Clean Up group. 

Residents of Hartford and Huntingdon from the Love Huntingdon Community Clean Up group. - Credit: Jonas King

Hartford has a strong community spirit and its inhabitants are making huge efforts to keep the village free from litter.

Cambridgeshire county councillor, Jonas King , who represents North Huntingdon and Hartford helped to set up a group called Love Huntingdon Clean Up.  

Cllr King has been overwhelmed by Hartford residents and their quest to keep Huntingdon and Hartford a litter-free zone.  

Cllr King said: “I think one of the nice things about Hartford is the community spirit, although it is attached to Huntingdon there is a little bit of a village feel about it.

Cllr King said people were very keen to support each other during the various lock-downs.

“I think everyone really pulled together, and in particular, in Hartford some of the local issues that people faced were, collecting prescriptions and needing shopping and bits like that. 

“There were other issues, such as we have quite a lot of green space in Hartford and we found that when the lockdowns happened and people went out for their daily walk, littering started to become quite a big issue.

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“The community then pulled together and set up a Love Huntingdon Community Clean-up Group and that is Hartford residents and some people from Huntingdon coming together to clean up the parks, the riverside and all-around Hartford."

Cllr King said the group had grown now since its set up and now covered Huntingdon as well.  

“That was one of the lovely things that came out of the pandemic was just that big community spirit and noticing something that impacted our local area and everyone coming together to sort it out.” 

The Barley Mow in pub

The Barley Mow in Hartford. - Credit: Jenny Williams

The Barley Mow in Hartford, is a well treasured pub in the community and landlady Jenny Williams said she tried her best to accommodate her customers when reopening the pub after the Covid lockdowns.  

Jenny said: “When it became outside restrictions only, we doubled the size of our garden and took out some of the car park so that people would have the outside option, we kept it there and still have that now.

"We also have quite a lot of older people, I have one lady, that has come from a care home.

"The lady's family are only allowed to visit her outdoors, so they brought the lady to our pub for a meal and a drink, it was chilly so we got some blankets for them and then they were able to eat outside, it was her first meal out in two years."