Harlan Labs protest at Wyton is being monitored, say police

ABOUT a dozen protesters have gathered outside a Huntingdonshire farm where beagles are bred for medical research.

Police are monitoring the scene at the Wyton roundabout on the A141 but a force spokesman said the group were not disrupting traffic and were not being asked to move.

Protesters were at the same spot at the end of October calling for the farm to be closed. The farm, which is owned by Harlan Laboratories, had also come in for criticism earlier in the year following a report by a former employee of animal cruelty.

The firm’s operations director strongly denied all allegations.

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said: “We were aware the protesters would be there. We were told about it at 7.45am, and we went down there at 11.45am and again at 1.30pm.

“There are about 13 people there. We are monitoring the situation. They are not disrupting traffic.”