An 11-year-old girl from Earith has been left devastated after a pumpkin she carved for Halloween was stolen from outside her home yesterday evening (October 30).

Mia, carving the pumpkin before it was stolen last night (October 30).Mia, carving the pumpkin before it was stolen last night (October 30).

Mia Allen and her father, Mark, spent almost two hours on the 1.5ft wide pumpkin, carving out a face before putting it outside the front door around 7pm.

“It came out really well and we thought we would put it outside, but I thought we should be careful as it was big and we did quite a good job,” Mr Allen told The Hunts Post.

Mia, who lives in Northern Ireland, was visiting her father for a half term trip and had also carved a smaller pumpkin.

After just a few hours though, the family noticed the larger creation had disappeared.

“I went to get a Chinese takeaway, but about two hours later my partner left to go home around 10.30pm and said the pumpkin had gone. I thought she was joking. Mia took a long time carving this pumpkin,” he said.

“She started crying and keeps saying ‘I wonder if we see it’.”

Mr Allen, who lives in School Road, thinks youngsters might have taken it, but says it would have been very heavy to lift.

“Why would you steal a pumpkin that was ours and what if they put it outside?” he added.

“I will see it. It seems very petty to steal a pumpkin.”

Mr Allen has not reported the incident to the police, but says that he and his daughter will keep their eye out for the pumpkin when they go ‘trick or treating’ later tonight.

“We will have a look round later and if I see it I will bang on the door – I won’t ignore it.”