Half marathon event was the “perfect moment” to get down on one knee and propose

Phil Lack proposing to Kate Allen at the St Neots Half Marathon

Phil Lack proposing to Kate Allen at the St Neots Half Marathon - Credit: Archant

A local radio station managed to capture the moment when two marathon runners decided to proposed at a running event.

Black Cat 107 was at the St Neots Half Marathon on November 26 and while presenters Phil Lack and Daniel ‘Dare Devil’ Silson were talking to runners after the event, two of them proposed live on air.

Stuart Bland and Hellen Jepson, who live in Earith are now engaged to be married and looking to buy a house in Abbotsley.

They told Black Cat: “We’ve been together since August 2015. Stuart is originally from Dorset so it was only by chance that I actually met him. He was living in Salisbury when we met and used to drive three hours every weekend just to see me.”

Kate Allan and Steve Hughes, from St Neots, were close to the finish line where Steve proposed.

“We have been together just over two years and are planning to get married on our anniversary next October,” Kate told the radio station.”We had the ring made in Paris when we were there a few weeks ago, so I was just waiting for him to choose his moment and he chose it perfectly.”

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