HAIRY VISIT: The Hairy Bikers swapped sauces for screwdrivers to help make repairs to Houghton Mill.

Si King and Dave Myers visited the mill on May 11 to aid volunteers with repairs and work on the new millstones, meaning two sets of millstones were put into action for the first time in more than 100 years.

The duo stopped off in Huntingdonshire as part of their new series about restoring Britain's industrial heritage, which is due to be released early autumn.

The millstones were delivered in November with volunteers putting the final touches over the last couple of months to get the stones ready to run.

Phil O'Donoghue, property operations manager, said: "It was an exciting day when we received delivery of the millstones but it was more exciting to see both sets of millstones in action."

n Dave Myers helps out with repairs.