Hacker supporting Julian Assange targets police

A HACKER supporting the under siege founder of Wikileaks has targeted Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Seemingly dozens of log-ins and passwords for officers have been posted online under an “OpFreeAssange” banner with a quote from Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.

A force spokesman said: “Hertfordshire Constabulary is currently investigating following the publication on the internet of information stored on a database linked to the public Safer Neighbourhoods pages of the external Constabulary website.

“As a precaution these pages have been temporarily disabled whilst the circumstances as to how this information was obtained is investigated.

“Hertfordshire Constabulary can confirm that the externally hosted system from where it appears the information has come is not linked to any internal force system and there is absolutely no suggestion that any personal data relating to officers or members of the public has been, or could have been compromised.

“Nevertheless matters of IT security are extremely important to the Constabulary and an investigation is already underway.”

This is the latest in a number of hacking attacks since the government said it would arrest and extradite Mr Assange if he left Ecuador’s embassy in London.

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Mr Assange has taken refuge in the embassy due to allegations of sex crimes in Sweden, with Westminster pledging to send him to stand trial.

Online collective Anonymous have been targeting various official websites but the hacker distanced himself from the group by writing “I am not a member of Anonymous”.