Guided bus gets express service to Huntingdon

A NEW express bus service has been launched linking Huntingdon with the guided busway in St Ives.

The service, which departs from the town bus station at 7.10am and 7.40am, travels straight along Hartford Road before joining the guided busway at St Ives and terminating at the Cambridge railway station.

Operator Stagecoach decided to run the extra rush-hour buses to help cope with demand for the guided bus. The journey from Huntingdon to Cambridge is timetabled to take one hour and six minutes.

Controller Dave Oakerbee said: “The buses don’t go around Oxmoor but go straight along Hartford Road. They don’t go around the loop of Hill Rise and Ramsey Road either but straight up to the Seven Wives junction, where they turn right and head straight for the guided track and through to Cambridge. We’ve had good reports so far and it helps take demand off the other services.”

Mr Oakerbee said Stagecoach buses would review the numbers and consider running additional express services if there is sufficient demand.

Huntingdon county councillors Sir Peter Brown and Laine Kadic welcomed the new service which they had been pushing for since the opening of the busway.