Great Staughton, ‘a community spirit that is second to none’ 

Robert Jewell with Vicar Nicki Bland

Chair of Great Staughton Parish Council, Robert Jewell with Vicar Nicki Bland with a plaque they had put up on the 75th anniversary of World War II showing the names of people who died in the two World Wars. - Credit: Robert Jewell

The village of Great Staughton, is described as having ‘a community spirit that is second to none.’ 

The community has two pubs - the Snooty Tavern and the White Hart, a primary school, church, village hall and a butchers.  

Bob Jewell, chairman of Great Staughton Parish Council said: “At the beginning of the first lockdown, almost immediately there was a network group set up, leaflets delivered throughout the village and this was repeated in points of contact such as the village magazine.  

“Those people were responsible for getting medicines, getting shopping and helping out and looking after people generally basically.  

“We kept this running throughout the second lockdown and third, this has been really successful throughout the village.  

“The parish council also put a freezer in the pavilion so that if anyone was desperate for food or had a shortage of food, they could come and help themselves.” 

Throughout the last year within the pandemic, the village participated in many events such as putting rainbows in windows and holding a scarecrow competition.  

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Bob recalls there being more than 40 Scarecrows dotted throughout the village which had been made by residents and they voted for who made the best one, which he says was ‘a good part of participation.’ 

Members of the parish council, primarily in the first lockdown, held online quizzes for people to get involved with, which would usually be held at one of the village pub’s called the ‘Snooty Tavern.’  

Before the Coronavirus pandemic began, Bob said there would usually be many clubs held in the village hall, such as a Village Book Club, which would meet on the last Thursday of each month. 

A horticultural show is also held each summer where villagers enjoy competing and meeting with friends and family to enjoy tea/coffee and home-made cake.  

Two residents kayaking in Great Staughton last Christmas Eve

Two residents kayaking in Great Staughton last Christmas Eve - Credit: Robert Jewell

Bob also recalls how the community really came together to help each other out, when flooding hit the village on Christmas Eve 2020.  

He said: “Gilbert family butchers, put all the meat for resident's Christmas dinners in a kayak and paddled down to St Neots so that they could collect their meat from there.”  

Great Staughton playing field is dedicated to the village as a memorial to those to the people who died in the two world wars. 

Bob also recalls a highlight of last year was  75th anniversary VE Day when he and Vicar Nicki Bland put up a plaque in the village, showing the names of people who had died in the two wars. The vicar came to bless the plaques.