Great grandmother Connie says Lucozade is key to long life

IT’S the drink normally associated with top flight athletes but one great grandmother who has just turned 100 says Lucozade helps her keep fit and healthy.

Constance Burge, known as Connie, of Hartford, Huntingdon celebrated her centenary last week surrounded by members of her family and friends, and with a few bottles of her favourite tipple by her side.

Mrs Burge has a bottle of orange-flavoured Lucozade everyday. She started drinking the fizzy pop a few years ago after being recommended it by a relative.

Now the great grandmother is hooked and will even go to bed with a bottle.

Her daughter Sylvia Scott, 71 of Chipping Sodbury said: “She drinks a Lucozade everyday and she’s always drinking it. She drinks during the day and she takes it to bed with her.

“She was always saying ‘I have no energy’ so somebody told her she should try Lucozade. She likes the orange one, not the other stuff.”

Mrs Burge, who has lived in her Main Street home for more than 40 years, was born on Tuesday, August 2 1911, in Uxbridge, Middlesex.

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She moved to the area in 1945 after her husband Hugh returned from RAF service in the Second World War.

The couple were married 57 years, and had four children - John, Jean, Sylvia and Richard. Husband Hugh died in 1989, and daughter Jean died six years ago.

The Camp Garage was set up a garage by Mr Burge in 1945 at RAF Wyton. He ran it until the 60s, when it was then taken over by son John.

The business has since closed, but the family are still remembered by former customers. Among the cards Mrs Burge received was one from the Queen.