Court case to challenge noise from wind farm at Graveley is dismissed

Campaigners say the noise from the Cotton Farm wind turbines, near Graveley, is not acceptable.

Campaigners say the noise from the Cotton Farm wind turbines, near Graveley, is not acceptable. - Credit: ARCHANT

A villager who has been campaigning about the volume of ‘noise’ from a wind farm has said he is “very disappointed” that a court case to rule on the issues was dismissed before being heard fully.
Keith Holl, from Graveley, had launched a prosecution against wind farm operator Greencoat UK Wind PLC, alleging a noise nuisance from the Cotton Farm site near the village, which the firm had denied.
But the case was dismissed after a hearing at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court. Court records show that it was rejected without evidence being offered, although campaigners say it was due to a technicality. 
The complaint called for an order to stop a statutory nuisance being caused by the eight wind turbines on the site, which measure 125m to the blade tip.
It alleged: “You are responsible for the generation and dissemination of noise that is injurious or prejudicial to health” and it said noise from the turbines amounted to a nuisance. 
Mr Holl told The Hunts Post: “We are naturally very disappointed this meticulously prepared case did not run its full course and it was stopped on a technicality early in the proceedings.
“It seems that for us and our neighbours the appalling noise produced by Cotton Farm Wind Farm for over six years will continue to affect us unabated.”
“We shall continue to do what we can to make our living conditions tolerable in the face of such blatant contempt for the local community”.
The wind farm has drawn a series of objections from nearby residents since before it was built, culminating in complaints about noise to both Huntingdonshire District Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council whose borders run through the site. 

Both councils have investigated the noise complaints and carried out independent noise evaluation and say there is no evidence of a noise nuisance. 

The wind farm, which generates around £25,000 a year in community benefits, was built on the site of a disused Second World War airfield between Huntingdon and St Neots.

In a statement, a spokesman from Greencoat UK Wind said: "Greencoat takes its responsibilities as a neighbour very seriously, and works hard to play a beneficial role in the communities in which it operates. We welcome the outcome of the court process in again confirming that Cotton Farm is compliant with all requirements.”