Godmanchester dog needed fire brigade to remove toy from jaw

dog with toy trapped

dog with toy trapped - Credit: Archant

When Daisy, a 10-month-old black Labrador, began playing with her new toy in her garden in Godmanchester, little did she know that it would end with a trip to the vets and a call to the fire brigade.

At around 11am on Friday (July 12), she was playing with her new plastic treat ball when her jaw became wedged in the hole at the top.

Her owner, Pat Brunsdon, 71, a retired adult tutor, said: “It all happened so quickly. Daisy was getting frantic as she could smell treats in there. I rolled the ball for her, she suddenly grabbed it and when I turned round it was jammed on her jaw. It was a total fluke.”

As Daisy became distressed, Pat grabbed hold of her and tried to free the toy, which was stuck behind her lower canines.

After all of Pat’s efforts failed, she rushed Daisy to Companion Care Veterinary Surgery, Huntingdon, where vets sedated her and tried to remove the toy.

Although they disconnected the ball from the treat dispenser, they still could not free the component which was stuck behind her teeth.

After multiple attempts, they called the fire brigade for assistance.

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Within 5-10 minutes they were on the scene and the fire crew cut off the toy with a hack saw, which took around 20 minutes.

Vets then stitched the cuts around Daisy’s lower jaw before waking her up.

Amy Rimmer, 33, a student veterinary nurse from March, said: “She’s doing well, she’s a bit sore, but there have been no further problems since. I’ve never seen anything like it, I don’t know how she managed to get it on there – it was completely wedged.”

Although Daisy is now in good health, Pat said that she was “quite traumatised” by the accident.

She added: “I just don’t know how it happened.”