Glider lands in St Neots field

Aviation enthusiast Rodney Hooker spotted something a little unusual as he was driving home from work last week.

The 67-year-old was travelling from St Neots to Godmanchester when he noticed a 17-metre wingspan glider on the field at St Neots Rugby Football Club. The DG202 glider had been forced to land at about 4pm last Wednesday, when a sudden change in the weather had prevented the pilot from returning to Norfolk.

Mr Hooker told The Hunts Post: “I did think it was strange – it’s not something you see every day but I soon realised what had happened.”

Mr Hooker, who is himself a trainee glider pilot with more than 70 flights under his belt, said the pilot had been forced to make a ‘land-out’. This happens routinely on cross-country trips when there is no up-lift.

“Warm up-currents and the pilot’s skill in finding them are the only things that keep the glider aloft,” Mr Hooker added. “When there are no up-currents, or there’s a drop in air temperature and the plane needs to ‘land-out’, a smooth, unoccupied playing field is a gift.”