Gladys and Don celebrate 65 years of wedded bliss

Gladys and Don Scotcher with their family on their wedding day in 1953

Gladys and Don Scotcher with their family on their wedding day in 1953 - Credit: Archant

Devoted Eynesbury couple, Don and Gladys Scotcher have celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

Don and Gladys, aged 86 and 87, married in St Neots when they were 21-years-old in 1953, the year in which Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

The couple met in Eynesbury where they used to go out dancing to the public rooms.

Don, who worked on farms and as a gardener, said: “We used to go out with our friends, and we just clicked. She was so cute and all the boys were after her. I’m not sure why she went for me, it must be because I look like Prince Phillip.”

The pair, who have two children, Linda and Martin, seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren, have said that the secret to a long marriage is compromise.

Don said: “It’s all about working together and compromise. In a marriage you have to give and take and be honest, that is very important. It also helps if you marry someone that is a great cook like Gladys.”

Don added: “I knew I was in love with Gladys and one day just said to her ‘shall we get married’ and she said ‘oh yes’ and we have been happy ever since. I didn’t even ask permission from her parents, which was a big thing back then. We didn’t have a big party or anything, we were just surrounded by our family and that’s all that mattered.

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“We have two lovely children and amazing grandchildren and great-grandchildren which makes us very happy. It makes it worthwhile.”