Girls, 2 and 5 saved from injury by child seats

A TWO-year-old and five-year-old narrowly escaped injury after the car they were travelling in collided with another vehicle, and ended up upside down in a ditch.

East of England ambulance service, the East of England air ambulance and Magpas were all called to the scene at Heath Road at 4pm on Friday.

Neither the girls nor their father, who was driving the car were injured. Paramedics said properly-fitted child seats had saved the girls.

A second man who was driving the other car was also uninjured.

Magpas doctor Rod Mackenzie said: “This highlights just how important it is to have a properly fitted child seat in a family car and how essential it is to wear a seat belt. I would encourage everyone to take note of this incident, the outcome could have been far worse, had these safety precautions not been taken”.