Girl, 8, produces poster against St Ives development plans

An eight-year-old girl has called for developers to drop plans for housing on the former St Ives Golf Course.

Angel Lyden, pictured, read about the Barratt Homes plans while visiting her grandfather, Councillor John Davies, at his home in Westbury Road, St Ives, and asked “Where am I going to walk my dogs?”

The Westfield School pupil then went home and produced her protest poster, complete with her message to Barratt: “Where will all this end, what about the birds and the squirrels? It’s a fun place for dogs and for everyone. You don’t need these houses. Imagine what it will be like without animals. Please save the forest. It should stay like this. Do you know what you are doing to nature? Why are you changing this? It shouldn’t be! We love the old golf course, you need nature.”

Angel told The Hunts Post: “It’s where we play manhunt and other games and walk my dogs and I don’t want it to be gone.”

Cllr Davies said: “I got a call from Angel’s mother who said that she had produced this poster all on her own. It’s impressive that she did that and also she wants to protect nature.”